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Home » Craving for some authentic Kuzhimandi ? Let’s look at the best Mandi restaurants in Alleppey

Craving for some authentic Kuzhimandi ? Let’s look at the best Mandi restaurants in Alleppey

Alleppey has some of the best Biryani places. It tastes amazing. Biryani made during private functions like weddings and birthday parties even tastes better. A few years back we had only Biryani.  We were happily living our lives without much confusion in choices 😋. Then about 7 to 8 years back, we started hearing about this new kid in the town. ‘Kuzhi Mandi’. Simply translated as Mandi made in deep earthen pits, like our north Indian Tandoor. Everyone was curious about this new Arabian visitor and even started comparing it with Biryani. There were heated discussions about which is best. Biriyani or Mandi. Over the last few years, we have embraced Mandi as we did with Biryani. There are many shops that started exclusively for it and some of the old biryani restaurants added this to their menu.  Here are some of the best Mandi restaurants in Alleppey.

Kuzhi Mandi

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Before going to the list of restaurants, let’s start with some history.

The Arabian Mandi

Mandi is a traditional food that originated in the region of Yemen and the southern part of Saudi Arabia. Like all the traditional food, it is the main dish during Eid.  There, a wedding feast won’t be a feast without Mandi. 

What makes it distinguish and differentiate from Biriyani is its unique flavor. Mandi is a very mild flavored dish. Heart of it is a special blend of spices and it is an abomination to make Mandi spicy.  Mandi is made from rice, meat and special spices cooked in a deep earthen pit dug up in the ground. 

The logic behind this style of cooking is that due to the scarcity of water in those regions, their style of cooking is by utilizing less water. Hence they have these special underground ovens to bake and roast food on fire rather than boiling in water. This provides a unique taste to most of the Arabian cuisines.

In Kerala mandi first landed in Malabar due to its rich cultural exposure with Arabs. Slowly it started moving towards the southern parts. 

Let’s look at the best Mandi restaurants in Alleppey

Al Miya Mandi Restaurant

Al Miya Mandi Restaurant became the last word for ‘Kuzhi Mandi’ in Alleppey. Everyone likes authenticity and that is their secret. Here at Al Miya Mandi Restaurant, you can savor that Arabian authenticity. They have two branches and you can visit the one in the city itself. I have shared the location below. 


Kubaba Kuzhimandi

Even if Kubaba restaurant is listed second on the list. This one is one of my favorites. Absolutely amazing ambiance to have a delightful Mandi. They serve all types of mandi. Mutton Mandi and Beef Mandi is a must-try. If you are in Alleppey and you want to have an amazing mutton mandi, do not think twice about this one. It is about 3 Km from the city center and you will definitely gonna love it.


Halais Family Restaurant

Everyone knows Halais in Alleppey. They are famous for Malabari foods and introduced some of the best Arabian food to Alleppey. The Halais is famous for its Biryani and Neychoru (Ghee Rice). You should try the chicken Mandi here. It is worth the hype. This place also has good parking space and ambiance that of an old Malabari home.


Ahalan Mandi

Every restaurant has its own specialty and when it comes to the beef mandi, this is the must-go place. They serve one of the best Beef Mandi in Alleppey. They are located a little away from the main city. It is about 5 KMs away only and has good parking space and ambiance. 


Beirut kuzhimandi

This one has a good ambiance I would say. It is about 8 km away from the city center. They have all types of Mandi and Alfam Mandi is a must-try. 


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