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Why Country Roads and Plum Cakes?

” All my great memories of my childhood hover around the small
Village roads and sweet Christmas cakes. I am sure that you too have
such memories. Those things we keep deep in our hearts: Those small
Those lanes and roads where we capture our memories, those fresh smells
of our favorite food. Those memories shape who we are.
I can’t think of a better name than the ones that are related to these
memories “

and I’m Manu ..

” I am originally from Kerala, India.
My travels began when I was a child. Those were my occasional visits to
relatives’ homes with my parents.
Those long bus rides on the winding roads, enjoying the freshness of
the Western Ghats are still fresh memories.

My wife Bhawna has now accompanied me on all of my travel adventures, and together we present you with travel stories that may help you plan your own.

All of the pictures were taken or owned by me unless otherwise stated ”

Our Story

“When I was a boy, I was fascinated by the pictures of snow-capped mountains and beautiful valleys printed in the newspapers and magazines. I used to keep those newspaper cuttings and it should be still somewhere in my files. It was Ruskin Bond’s mountain stories that helped me to know much about the Himalayas. Visiting the Himalayas was nothing more than a sweet morning dream that time for someone who lived his childhood in the far south of India”

And we can relate…

We are sure that every single soul, who has been bitten by the travel bug, would have dreamt of visiting Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Goa, and many many more of those places that we keep deep in our hearts. We make our own stories in our minds, nurture them in our hearts, and wait for that perfect time to visit those places. All those goosebumps when we think about those. We all have those thoughts.

For you!

This is our humble attempt to share all our memories and emotions through stories and pictures and if you feel the same way that we felt, we together can add a soul to those memories!