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Best Biryani places in Alleppey

In this article, I will be talking about some of the best Biryani places in Alappuzha / Alleppey.

From serving in the military as a one-pot meal to the luxuries of Mughal’s kitchen and finally, the varieties that we are seeing today, the journey of Biryani is splendid as it tastes. The origin of Briyani is still not clear and there are a lot of theories by many historians. Some say it originated from Persia and was brought to India and others say it originated in India during the Mughal’s reign.

I make fairly good Kerala chicken Biryani and it always makes me wonder about the complex process of making it. Make rice and chicken separately and combine them all in layers in the final “dum process”.  

I still can’t remember when I had my first Biriyani. It is definitely from Kerala only and it is a common item on the menu in most of the restaurants there. Later when I shifted to Tamil Nadu and then to Mumbai, the characteristics of the Biryani changed drastically. And finally, in Northern India, I witnessed even more contrasting varieties of Briyani. Then there is the famous Hyderabadi Biryani. They all have completely different tastes and textures. Yet we call all these varieties the same name and there is nothing wrong in that. Like India, Biryani is truly unity in diversity.

Before we go more into that, let me tell you that Kerala-style biryani is completely different from other varieties. Even in Kerala, I found that in some places they use short-grain rice, and in other places, they use a long grain rice variety.  I personally prefer long grain basmati rice Biryani to short-grain, even though there is a very vast fan base for short-grain types. In Alappuzha, you will definitely find long-grain types in most restaurants.

Halais Family Restaurant

If you live in Alleppey, Halais is a name that you will definitely hear like a household name. It’s been part of my childhood memories and having a Biryani from there was both a dream and a luxury. At that time everywhere, biryani cost 40 to 50 Indian rupees, it was 100  Indian rupees that time. It was worth it. Now, many years have passed and many more famous names have come up. Still, they are retaining authenticity and are not so expensive as well. 

Not just Biryani, they are famous for many of the Malabari foods and you can enjoy it in that same old building. This is a must-go place for those who like Malabari cuisine and good Biryani. It resembles some of the famous old restaurants in Mumbai and Delhi. 


Thaff Restaurant

This restaurant was always there in Alleppey and was most visited by travelers due to its proximity to tourist hubs. They have many branches in the town and the one near the YMCA building is the best. They provide one of the best and affordable Biryani in Alleppey. The ambiance is also great and has one of the best services. Another one to try for is their Kerala Meal ( Kerala Thali). 


Hassans Family Restaurant

Hassans is another name that most of the Alleppey know about. Very much like Halais, but more affordable. They also have the same old building and eating there is another experience. They are very famous for their Biryani that resembles the famous Malabari style. You can try their other dishes and there are many North India Dishes also available there. If you have tried food in Hyderabad, you can get a similar experience here in Hassans.

Another important fact to mention is that the quality they serve is absolutely large and their Shawai Chicken is another delight to try for.


Cochin Majlis

This restaurant is not just for the best food, but also for its great ambiance. I suggest this is a must-go place to enjoy a great Biryani and many more. The construction is of a typical Kerala style with a fusion of modern and old interior designs. This is one of the recent additions and is very famous. Sometimes, it’s not just the food, but also where you are eating that matters.

Please make sure to check google updates before visiting this place as it is showing Temporarily closed now.


Thaza Family and Food Park

This place is located very close to Halais restaurant and is very famous for Non-Vegetarian Food. Another good restaurant to sit and enjoy with family. Their Biryani is a little different from other places. Another dish to try is Kabsa. They have a big garden-like arrangement and it is a great place to dine.


Kream Korner Garden Restaurant


It is about 10-15 Kms far from the main town and it is a must-go place for nature and art lovers. A place where you can sit and eat peacefully and also arrange small birthday parties. Briyani is not the best but the ambiance and mood really add to the taste and after the meal, you can also enjoy the art displayed near to this place. 

Just like the name, this is a Garden restaurant and you will enjoy your meal with nature. The restaurant is constructed in an open form so that you can get proper natural light and wind. You can roam around after a good meal in the garden with thick forest-like canopies.

And many more….

There are many more names other than those mentioned above. Each and every restaurant have their own specialty of making and taste.

 Less Known but great Briyani

There are many more famous restaurants that are less known to many but serve the best biryani than most of the names mentioned above. These shops are from big to even very small spaces, but make wonders on your tongue. One of such is the Salikkas Hotel near Zakaria Bazar. Famous for Beef Biryani, this shop is a favorite spot for locals. 

If you know any other places and you think it’s something others should try also, please leave a comment below.


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