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Travel to Goa during the pandemic? Let’s make it simple.

Traveling during this pandemic needs a lot more preparation than usual times. You need to understand the places and your requirement. It is not as simple as reading a few points on Covid guidelines. So I have made it in such a way that you can get an overall Idea about Goa and its places. It’s more like a bird-eye view and not in deep. Your travel to Goa during the pandemic should be more planned and adhere to the covid restrictions and guidelines.

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The land where the hills kiss the sea, Goa is famous for its enchanting natural beauty and never-ending nightlife. Sunny beaches overlooking the cliffs with coconut trees, beautiful rivers, small waterfalls, and reminiscents of the colonial past make this small city unique from the rest of the places in India. 

Not all visit Goa for beaches and nightlife. Some of you love Goa for its vintage outlook and natural beauty. For me, it’s the mix of both and mostly I avoid crowded beaches and find my serenity in the northern beaches like Morjim and Ashvem. I am going to focus mostly on the calm part of Goa with a little mix of the famous places as well. You cannot say these are the offbeat places. Most of the places are well known and now getting crowded. These are some of the less crowded places in North Goa.

Let’s start with a little bit of history

St. Augustine Tower : travel to Goa during the pandemic
St. Augustine Tower

It definitely gives some meaning to your journey.

Goa was part of the great civilizations of prehistoric times and later to the great dynasties.  Konkani-speaking Hindus were the major populations during most part of history and the arrival of  Portuguese in 1510 greatly influenced its culture and architecture. The Goa that we see today is mostly the result of this long colonial rule. Modern Goa is a fusion of this multicultural influence and it added to its liberal outlook. 

Know where you are

From a tourism point of view, we can divide Goa into 5 Parts. 

  • South Goa: With its virgin beaches and conservative lifestyle mingled with the natural beauty.
  • North Goa where all the actions take place: The region between Aguada Fort and Chapora Fort is where most of the famous beaches, water sports, and party life can be seen. This is definitely the most crowded and live place in Goa
  • Beaches north of Chapora Fort and Chapora River: Here you will find the best and calm beaches. These are some of the most beautiful beaches and people who wish to stay away from the crowded beaches, this is the best place to visit.
  • Old Goa is for those who what to visit the spiritual and colonial side of Goa. It likes long the Mandovi river where you can experience the ruins and architecture of the past.
  • Nature and its magic, a little away from the city towards the eastern and southern borders, you will be able to see a different Goa with its pristine hills and amazing waterfalls.

How to reach Goa

By Road

The Best part about Goa is you can travel along the length of Goa in a few hours and places are well connected with roads.

Nearest Airport

Goa International Airport, Dabolim lies almost in the middle and roads radiate to the rest of the places. 

Railway station

  • Madgaon Railway Station (MAO): is the main station in the famous Konkan route and is well connected to all part of India. Most of the major trains stop here. This is in South Goa.
  • Vasco-da-Gama Railway Station (VSG): Connect mostly center India and if you are traveling from eastern states, this station is the nearest one.
  • Karmali Railway Station (KRMI): If you are traveling from the Mumbai side, this is the best station to deboard and it is nearest to the capital city of Panjim.

How to travel within Goa

The best way to travel in Goa is to hire a bike/scooter or car and travel as per your requirement. 

You can also get cabs in case you needed

Bike and Car rentals are easily available near  Airports and railway stations. It is better to get it from the place you enter Goa and return it on your day of leaving Goa. Usually, when I visit Goa, I get my bike near the airport, then return it back when I leave. This helps me avoid my unnecessary travel from Airport to Hotel in Cab or Bus and then search for rentals.

Another important thing to note is that, if you are traveling on a Bike or Scooter, always read the road signs. Because bikes or scooters are not allowed on some of the roads and bridges like the Sea Link. 

Make sure you wear a helmet and face mask so that you won’t be stopped by the traffic police. Traffic police usually won’t stop the tourists unless you are not wearing a helmet or face mask or not following the Covid Protocol.

Aware of the travel guidelines and rules

It is very important to check the travel guidelines before going to Goa. They update it regularly and you can check it from the official Goan website and their Twitter accounts. You can also check Indigo state-wise regulations as it is very much up to date.  

Carry your documents all the times

Carry all your relevant documents all the time. Sharing a list of documents and IDs you might have to carry.

  • Double dose Vaccination Certificate or Covid Test Results.
  • A driving license is a must for renting a vehicle.
  • Aadhar or any other Ids with your address mentioned for Hotels.
  • Another ID Passport or Aadhar is to be submitted at the vehicle rental. So it’s important to carry a spare ID.

Medicines and masks

  • Carry medicines for emergencies and also carry some spare face masks. 
  • Carry sanitizers and gloves 
  • Wear sunglasses: It is not just for protection from the sun and dust. It will definitely help you from infection as well.

Visit places during non-peak hours.

Old Goa
Se Cathedral

The best time to visit places like Old Goa and forts is early morning when they just open. That time the crowd will be less and when the time is starting to get crowded, you might have enjoyed it.

Visit less crowded beaches

travel to Goa during the pandemic

Beautiful beaches are in the heart of Goa and you cannot travel to goa without visiting atleast one of them. When it comes to beaches, there are some of the most famous beaches with a lot of shopping markets and water sports activities. You can find great cafes as well there. But if you are traveling during the pandemic, it is advisable to avoid the famous because they are mostly overcrowded.  

Baga, Calangute, Anjuna, and Candolim are the most famous beaches in Goa. These are the most crowded as well. My suggestion is to avoid these beaches and try the northern beaches like Morjim and Ashvem. 

But you know the risk and wish to visit any crowded beaches, then make sure to follow proper covid guidelines.

  • Sanitize yourself often.
  • Stay away from crowded and maintain social distancing.
  • Wear a mask and sunglasses all the time.
  • Choose places that follow proper covid guidelines for eating, shopping, and water sports activities.
  • If you wish to relax in a shack, make sure to choose a secluded one away from others.

Alternate and some of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa

When you travel north crossing the Chapora river, you will enter into a new Goa, which is calm and less crowded. There are 3 or 4 beaches here which are much more beautiful than most of the other beaches. They also have proper cafes and shacks. Most of the foreigners also prefer to visit these beaches and you will mostly find a less regional crowd. 

Vagator Beach
A view of Vagator

Ashvem Beach

This is considered to be one of the most famous beaches of Goa. This clean and calm beach is famous for many cafes and pubs. You will be able to see a lot of resorts on the shore which might be on an expensive side. This is a must-visit beach.

Morjim Beach

This is one of my favorite beaches and I visit here every time I go to Goa. This is the first beach after crossing to the northern side of the river. There are a lot of famous cafes and shopping places near to this beach making it a perfect alternate for beaches like Baga or Calangute. 

Arambol Beach

This is the northernmost beach and hence is very secluded and calm. This beach is a perfect getaway if you are traveling by road from the North. You can party and enjoy yourself here and can also have a peaceful and calm experience as well.

Dream beach

This is one is near to the Chapora Fort and is an extension of the famous Vagator Beach. Mostly the crowd is centered around Vagator Beach and if you walk a little to the north, you will enter the calm and peaceful Deam Beach. It is well hidden among the cliffs and you can have a view of the Chapora Fort from here. 

Wrapping up with some basic guidelines

  • Take yourself vaccinates and carry the relevant documents during the travel.
  • Test yourself for Covid and carry the reports in case you are not vaccinated.
  • Avoid the crowded area and places.
  • Wear a mask and sunglasses all the time.
  • Wear a helmet while riding a scooter/ bike.
  • Pre-book your stays in good places that follow high safety guidelines.
  • Rent a vehicle or drive your own and avoid traveling in public vehicles.
  • Avoid wearing the same clothes twice and keep the used clothes in a separate bag to be washed.
  • Carry medicines and pandemic essentials like masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc.

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