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Wayanad travel guide | Best places to visit | Best Time to Visit

Are you interested in a mesmerizing odyssey through the lush greeneries of the lone plateau of Kerala, Wayanad? Well, this article may provide you with some insights. Once dubbed as the land of paddy fields, Wayanad is much more than that. Wild life sanctuaries, dams, waterfalls, and hill stations together make this place a nature’s paradise. For those who consider traveling a way of life, Wayanad is a must-visit. Let’s look at this short Wayanad travel guide, a haven for all the new age instagram reels. You can read about the Wayanad travel guide and places to visit.


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Wayanad travel guide and places to visit

A bit into the history of the land

From time unknown, communities settled here despite all the odds a hilly forest land could offer for humans. Neolithic rock engravings are found at Edakkal caves, near Ambukuthimala. Wayanad was part of the Ezhimala kingdom, a prominent dynasty in the northern Malabar region of Kerala, and has got mentions in Sangam literature, the first orderly presented literary works in south India. Wayanad was the site of Kerala Varma Pazasshi Raja’s place of resistance against the British East India Company and eventually his martyrdom. This makes it more significant in the history of Kerala. The Pazasshi tomb at Mananthavady is a spot for historians.

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Wayanad travel guide and places to visit

Places to visit and times to visit

As I mentioned earlier, I have been there at various times of the year, so I could recommend you the best places to visit at the best time. 

Wayanad travel guide places to visit
Kanthanpara Waterfalls

The Best Time to Visit Wayanad

The tourist months (August to February)

The tourist season in Kerala starts in the second half of August when the south west monsoon , the provider of more than 75% of Kerala’s annual rainfall, slowly starts to retreat. From September to May, it is the most convenient time to be in Wayanad. 

The Best Months (September to November)

If sightseeing is your priority, September to November are the best as the natural beauty of Wayanad can be seen in its full might. Set your base at Mananthavady and you could explore Meenmutty waterfalls, Banasura Sagar dam, Kuruva islands, Thirunelli hills, and Muneeswaran Kunnu in two or three days.

Shift your base to Kalpetta or Sultan Bathery and visit between February and May if trekking is your top priority. Chembra peak, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, Edakkal caves, Sunrise Valley, Wonder Caves,Sentinel Rocks, and Pookode Lake are the best places around here. Guides are available at reasonable rates and will be helpful overall. 

The Busiest Months(November to January) 

If you are here to experience the soothing effect of nature, Wayanad offers that too. Book a decent resort as per your budget, as they are available in plenty. From November to January is the best time for a resort stay . 

The Christmas and New Year celebrations in the winter here will definitely be a memorable one . Well, it doesn’t matter if the places and times mentioned here do not match, Wayanad still won’t disappoint you. Avoid visiting here in the months of July and August. You will be welcomed by heavy rainfall, and this may jeopardize all your travel plans. It’s also a bit dangerous as landslides are common during this time and chances are high of getting trapped for days if you are in any remote areas.

How to reach Wayanad

Wayanad is not connected by rail or airports. The Kozhikode railway station, Thalassery railway station, and Mysore railway station are the nearest railway stations (detrain at your convenience and place of stay), and Kannur international airport is the nearest airport. The Kerala tourism department handles almost all the locations, and there are entry fees ranging from 20 to 50 rupees. 

**Skip Mondays as most of these locations are closed for maintenance. 

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Things to do in Wayanad

Explore their culture.

As it’s one of the least urbanized districts in Kerala,agriculture and animal husbandry are the major sources of income for the Wayanad population. Farm tourism is the newest attraction here.

The best way to explore cultural diversity is to visit religious sites and tribal villages.

Museums, temples, and landmarks of historic importance are also found in equal numbers. The Thirunelli temple complex, the Jain temples at Bathery and Panamaram, Valliyoorkavu temple at Mananthavady, and Seetha Lava-Kusha temple Pulpally are the main religious places to visit.

Wayanad travel guide places to visit
A view of the reservoir

The diversity of beliefs is the major attraction here. Various religious communities co-exist peacefully and in harmony, something Kerala as a state in general is famous for. People here are peace-loving and are broad-minded in welcoming guests. Home to various tribal communities, the soul of Wayanad is related to the forests and its resources. En Uru, a tribal heritage village project, set up at Pookode, showcases the traditional knowledge and livelihood ways of the ancient communities of Wayanad. Many areas of the districts have wayside shops that sell tribal goods like pickles, tea, coffee, handicrafts, and also the new-age chocolates and sweaters. Buying them will be a boost to those communities. 

Try authentic cuisine.

You can find ample multi-cuisine restaurants in Wayanad. The Malabar cuisine of Kerala waters our mouths and even activates our unknown taste buds. Wayanad cuisine does justice to that legacy. The most popular dish is, of course, biryani, which comes in a variety of flavours. Another marvel is the Baked tapioca. Try it with fish and meat combinations. Chatti Pathiri is another addition to that famous list. 

Bakery culture in Wayanad is on par with the Malabar standards, new varieties of sweets and fries pop up every year and it’s hard to recollect all those names. Well, vegetarians may suffer a bit if you are in search of pure veg restaurants, as fish and meat are an integral part of Wayanad cuisine.

Enjoy the unpredictability of the weather.

Wayanad travel guide places to visit
From clear skies to rain clouds..

 Located at an altitude averaging around 1500 meters above sea level, Wayanad offers a cool climate all year round. Monsoon in Wayanad has a niche of its own, carrying an umbrella or a waterproof jacket will be helpful as rains may bless you any time irrespective of the seasons. Each time I passed through Lakkadi, the gateway to Wayanad, through the Thamarassery pass, this land offered something new and fresh. Rocky mountains, giant trees, fresh waters,in this southern tip of the famous Deccan plateau we could see Western ghats in all its glory. 

Say no to plastics

A small piece of advice I would like to offer is to refrain from carrying plastic bags because they are generally prohibited in most places. This is advantageous because plastic waste management is a major issue in many tourist destinations. So kindly consider not to give plastic enough room in your backpacks as our responsibility towards nature. Do visit this part of earth at least once in your lifetime, I assure you will not regret it.

Top 5 places to see in Wayanad

Wayanad travel guide places to visit
Nature at its best in Wayanad

Edakkal Cave

One of my favorite places to visit is Edakkal Caves. It houses ancient rock inscriptions that date back to 8000 years. A large rock’s natural fissure created the cave. The inscription, which shows both human and animal figures, has not yet been fully deciphered.

It is at a distance of 25 km from Kalpetta town and 45 km from Mananthavady town. 

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island, or Kuruva Dweep, is formed by the river Kabani. Brimming with exotic flora and fauna, this island is one of the best places to visit in Wayanad. Tourists are permitted with a small entrance fee as this is a section of the protected forest area.

There are bamboo rafts to take you to the island, and once you are there, you can explore the island. The forest guards will be there to help. 

Soochipara Waterfalls

This waterfall is an absolute joy for those who visit here. Wayanad is blessed with many waterfalls, both small and big. Soochipara Waterfall stands out due to its elegance and rage. The rainforest and the wilderness around it make the perfect setting for a nature lover to fall in love. It is at a distance of 23 km from Kalpetta town. 

Chembra Peak

It is the highest peak in Wayanad and is a paradise for those who love hiking and spending time in the peacefulness of the mountains. This is a no smoking and plastic free zone.

One thing to note here is that if you are here for trekking, they charge you a fee (800 to 1500) for 10 people. Even if you have a head count of less than 10, you still need to pay for the minimum of 10 people. So plan your trips accordingly. 

 Banasura Hills and Banasura Sagar Dam

The Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India and is the second largest in Asia. There is a nominal entry fee here and there is speed boating available for an additional fee.

Banasure Dam
Banasura Dam

The rolling Banasura hills backdrop the dam reservoir, an ideal place for a picnic and a spellbinding and picturesque hotspot. 

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