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Solo Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori Pass

Have you ever read the famous poem, “The Road Not Taken”? We stand at a crossroads and find it hard to decide which one to take. And finally, you took the road less traveled, and that did make a difference. Well, I have a story to tell. My bike trip to Jibhi and Jalori Pass was on a road that is less traveled but is also the most beautiful.

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Route Map to Jibhi
Route Map

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Jibhi Pin

Kullu to Aut

Recently, I made a short trip to Kullu, Himachal. My brother has this good old Royal Enfield 500 and keeps it in Kullu with his friends. The task was simple. I have to ride it to Delhi and then send it to Bangalore through some movers. I just have to take the overnight bus to Kullu from Delhi, take the bike, and ride it back to Delhi. It was supposed to be a normal ride. I must take the busiest route of Kullu-Mandi-Chandigarh-Delhi. All seemed to be working fine until I crossed the Aut tunnel.

Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori

For those who don’t know about the Aut Tunnel, it is the tunnel that connects Chandigarh to Manali and is considered the gateway to Manali. If you have been to Manali or Kullu, you have definitely taken that one. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but if you are traveling from Delhi, there is a second road that goes straight without taking the tunnel. If you’re coming from the Kullu side, you will definitely miss it. It is well hidden behind the tunnel opening. This second road leads to the less traveled route to Tirthan Valley and Jalori Pass, which eventually connect to Shimla.

Road to Jibhi and Jalori Pass

I stood near this crossroads, finding it hard to decide which one to take. The common route via Mandi or the uncertain one via Jalori Pass The thought that I might not get another chance like this anytime soon made me decide to take the road less traveled. I am happy that I took that route.

Everyone is a poet. You let your mind wander into the realms of your own imagination. You write beautiful poems that your heart tells you to write as a result of the visual delights this beautiful planet shows you. 

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Aut to Jibhi

Once I crossed the river to the Tirthan Valley, I also became a poet and lost myself in the enchanted bliss that the mountains carved for me. I ride on the endless, winding roads among the lush green pine trees. The wanderer in me kept losing track of time as I was drawn deeper and deeper into this enthralling experience.

Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori
A small town on the way

The drive from Aut to Jibhi is a never-ending delight of wild mountain roads and the Tirthan river flowing silently below. You slowly start climbing up, and the road is extremely narrow. A small town on the way is Banjar, and this road is called the Ani-Banjar-Aut road.

Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori

Petrol Pumps: Getting fuel is one of the most important things to consider while going for a long ride. Despite the fact that this is an unusual route, there are petrol stations at regular intervals. 

On this route, you will find many of the ancient villages of Himachal, and they still live close to nature and their traditions. 


Jibhi is a small village wrapped in lush green pine and deodar trees. This is a great place to see snow during the winter season, as there is a high chance that you will see it every day during peak winter.  

Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori
Some where in Jibhi

Things to do in Jibhi

  • Explore the unexplored Jibhi Waterfall
  • Revisit the past at Chehni Kothi
  • Trek to Jalori pass
  • Camping and trout fishing
  • Seruvalsar Lake

Jibhi Waterfall

This small waterfall is well hidden deep inside the Tirthan Valley, and a small hike is required. For this reason, this place is less explored, and if you are looking for a peaceful place to hang out, you must add this to your itinerary.

Chehni Kothi

This tower, which is many centuries old and was constructed from stone and wood, is a prime example of regional design. In earlier days, the travelers had to hike to the Chehni village. But now there are roads, but it’s still very primitive. 

Jalori Pass

Jalori Pass
A small pitstop at Jalori Pass

As we ascend to the Jalori Pass, the roads get progressively more winding and challenging. But it’s a stunning view. You can make a quick stop at the top of the pass, where there are a few shops and a temple. 

Bike Trip to Jibhi and Jalori

Tip: Avoid going there during the monsoon season because of the risk of landslides caused by the intense rain.

There are two trek routes that depart from the Jalori Pass.

  1.  Serolsar Lake trek, which is about 6 km long and takes about 2 hours to complete. 
  2. Raghupuragarh fort trek, is about 3-kilometers, which will take you an hour to complete.

Jalori to Narkanda

The most challenging section was this 85 km stretch. The roads became more and more narrow, and there was one water crossing as well, which should be avoided during the rainy season. Always check the weather forecast before traveling on this route.

On the way to Jalori

Despite the harsh terrain and road conditions, the sheer raw beauty of this place is beyond what words could describe. Small valleys, mountain plains, and steep climbs can all be found within a short distance due to how quickly the terrain changes here.  

Waterfall near Ani
A waterfall near Ani

Ani is a small town on this route, and from here, the road becomes better and wider. A few more kilometers, and you will reach the NH 5 that connects Shimla with the famous Spiti Valley.


Narkanda is a well-known hill town on the NH 5 that serves as a rest stop for visitors to Spiti Valley. But this town is more than that, and during the winter season, it turns into a skiing paradise. Narkanda is also famous for its apple orchards, and there are several homestays available if you want to stay here for a day or two.

Narkanda to Shimla

You can visit Jibhi from the Shimla side or from Kullu. The distance between Shimla and Narkanda is about 60 km, and the road condition is excellent. The only issue here is the traffic in Shimla, which is as heavy as that in Delhi or any other metropolis. 

Where to stay in Jibhi

Due to its increasing popularity, there are ample homestays and hotels available. The price is cheaper than other locations like Kasol or Manali. You can book your stay from any of the online websites, or you can simply visit here and search. 

Best time to visit Jibhi

The peak tourist season is from March to May, and then later in September and November. Avoid the monsoon months from June to August, as well as the peak winter seasons. 

Keep in mind that the route I took here is at a high altitude, and be sure to pack warm clothing and windbreakers when riding, even in the summer.

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