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Unique Indian Foods That I Have Tried

When it comes to food, I am not that picky. I know that most people choose what to eat and what not to eat in India. And then some taboos revolve around food here. But for me, I eat almost everything and I don’t judge. I love to eat, and most importantly, I love to try new foods whenever I get the chance. Here are some of the unique Indian foods that I have tried and I loved every bit of it.

The Food Journey

 I loved the best part of childhood in Kerala and I am familiar with every food that is available in my towns and nearby. Later, I moved to Northern Kerala for my higher studies and became fascinated by the unique style of Malabar food. I first moved to Tamil Nadu, then to Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and finally, when I am writing this article, I am sitting in my room in Hyderabad. All these places fascinate me with their food culture. I have never been to the seven sister states of India and I am excited to visit those states to try more and more unique food.

Unique Indian Foods That I Have Tried


When it comes to food, Kerala is completely independent of the rest of India. They have their cuisines like ‘puttu’, ‘ila ada’ and many more. Nowadays, Kerala is being influenced by a lot of Arab and Turkish dishes. But for me, it’s the traditional food that always stands out and never gets old.


I tasted this Malabar marvel during my days in Kannur, a city in northern Kerala. This is a mildly sweet snack. It from ripe plantain, coconut, raisins, nuts, etc, and then deep-fried and served hot. If you ever visit Kannur, Kozhikode, or Malappuram, please make sure to have this one. 

Ney Pattiri / Kannur Oroti with chicken/meat

This is a unique dish you can find in most of the street shops in Kannur. Small Ney Pattiri or Oroti is mixed with meat gravy in a hot pan and served with sprinkled onions and cilantro.

Aval Milk

Aval is flat rice flakes or Poha. This healthy drip is a delicacy that can be easily available in Malabar. This thick drink is a mixture of Aval, ripe bananas, raisins and nuts, milk. You can have it with or without sugar.


Another specialty of Kannur and Calicut. This is a seafood, a combination of mussels and rice flour with a lot of spices. 

Tattu Dosa with red coconut chutney

Unique Indian Foods That I Have Tried
Tattu Dosa with red coconut chutney

I am leaving out many of the best names from southern Kerala. But I can not move ahead without mentioning the famous Tattu Dosa. Using the same masala dosa dough, we prepare tattu dosa. But is smaller in size, but thicker than the normal dosa. It is served with red coconut chutney and brown chickpea curry. The reddish-orange color of the chutney is due to the addition of dried red chilies that gives a unique flavor and hotness.

Tamil Nadu

Parotta and Thala kulambu

Layered Malabar Parotta with Thala Kulambu served on a banana leaf is a heavenly experience. Thala Kulambu is thick gravy made from goat heads with a lot of local spices. When you buy parotta, you usually get this gravy for free. Trust me, this gravy can be much tastier than the main dish you ordered for your Parotta.

Kottu Parotta

Kottu Porotta
Kottu Parotta

There is a wide variety of Kottu Porotta. Egg Kottu Parotta, Chicken Kottu Parotta, Mutton Kottu Parotta and many more. When you mince the Malabar Parotta and then mix it with spice gravy of chicken or mutton and/or with egg, we get Kottu Parotta. The mixing process on a large iron flat pan is a unique visual.


Mangalorean Rava fish fry

This is a unique style of making fish fry in Mangalore and other parts of the Konkan coast. Rubbing the liquid spice mixture on the fish fillets, which are then dusted with semolina or rava.

Sweet Sambar

When you try the Sambar in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka, it is a bit sweeter. This is the Udupi style of making Sambar. They add jaggery to get this earthy sweetness.


Vada pav

Pav is a small bread bun that has become a part of the Mumbai lifestyle. Vada Pav is the most famous street food in Mumbai. This desi burger has three main parts; pav, the potato vada, and fried chili, and red/green sauce. I had my best vada pav from the Ratnagiri railway station. Whenever the train stops at the station, I rush out to get some Vada Pav. You get a spicy dry masala with it.

Misal Pav

Misal is sprouts and chickpeas curry thick gravy. It is then topped with chopped onions, tomatoes, lemon juice, and farsan or sev mixture.

Pav Bhaji

Unique Indian Foods That I Have Tried
Pav Bhaji

Now Pav Bhaji is easily available in all parts of India. You will find the best and authentic Pav Bhaji in Maharashtra. Bhaji is a thick gravy of mashed vegetables with spices and butter. you can enjoy it with butter toasted pav, a slice of lemon, and chopped onions.


Hyderabad is not a state, but a city in Telangana state. But when it comes to food, we can use the term Hyderbad style. Hyderabad’s style of cooking is famous all over India. It is mainly influenced by the Iranian, Mughal, and Turkish cultures. The is the one place that surprises me when it comes to food and I can say that no other place in India can match its glory over food.

I am not going to the obvious dishes like Biriyani or Mandi. Here you will find some of the unique food that you may not find it anywhere else in India. Maybe some of it.


There is no other dish that can be matched with the Haleem of Hyderabad. It is mostly available during the Ramadan season and sometimes during the winters. This is a seasonal dish, But there are places in Hyderabad that serve this dish all year round. It is believed to have originated in Arab countries. 

Making of haleem is a very lengthy process. Meat is cooked with lentils, spices, and wheat for hours. It is continuously stirred with a special hammer-like wooden spatula for more than 10 hours to make it into a thick paste-like consistency. 

Paya Nihari

It is a soupy dish made with goat trotters. It is served hot with Naan Roti. 


This is made of minced meat and fried on a larger Tawa or pan. It looks similar to a cutlet or patty. This dish is served with roti and 



This is a spicy stew often enjoyed with Naan roti or with Paratha. It is made with goat tripe and is available in most parts of Old Hyderabad.

Afghan Roti

Afghan Roti
Afghan Roti

It is very famous and common in most parts of central Asian countries. However, in India, it is a rare sight and hence falls in this article. It is a long bread baked in special Tandoors. One bread is enough for two people. 

Central India

Mostly Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, parts of Rajasthan, and some parts of Uttar Pradesh are in central India. They have very unique food dishes and most of them are famous all over northern India. Again I am only sharing those that surprised me very much.

Dal Baati

Pulses and lentils are the main ingredients to make dal Baati. Baati is a ball-shaped bun made from wheat flour. It is denser than regular bread and is baked in clay ovens.


Litti Chokha


The best thing I love about Bihar is Litti Chokha and litchi. I never traveled to Bihar, but I was fortunate to have some good friends from there who recommended some of the amazing places to have authentic dishes. 

Litti Chokha is like Dal Baati cons I have a fan of eggplant Chokha. 

Champaran chicken handi

This flavourful chicken dish is a specialty of Bihar. A hard bun in the shape of a ball, litti is filled with grains, flour, and spices. It is then dipped in ghee after being baked on coal or wood fire. Either eggplant or brinjal or potatoes are used to make chokha. The best part is to squeeze the melted garlic out of the bulb and its tastes like heaven.

West Bengal

Muri Ghonto

Muri Ghonto
Muri Ghonto ( Shot by Ridhima )

This is a famous dish in Bengal and Assam and is popular among many. If you have any Bengali friends, you probably have heard of it many times. The main ingredients are rice, fish head, potatoes, and some special spices.


Aloo Tikki Chaat

Unique Indian Foods That I Have Tried
Aloo Tikki Chaat

This is perhaps the most famous chaat in Delhi. The amalgamation of almost all the tastes on earth. It is sweet, sour, spicy, tangy; and it is hot and cool at the same time. You name any flavor, you can get it all in this dish. You can have all textures; like the crispness of the Papat, crunchy potato patty, Soucy yogurt, and chutneys. This is a must-try. 


This is a popular Mughal dish that originated in India. It is a slow-cooked meat in spices and mustard oil. Old Delhi is the best place to experience the authentic Nihari.


Amritsari Kulcha

This is an amazing dish popular in most parts of Punjab. This flatbread has potatoes and seasonings inside. After that, it is baked in unique Tandoors and served with chickpea curry and a tonne of butter.


A popular and healthy drink originated in Punjab. It is yogurt and water flavored with spices and sugar. There is a wide variety of lassi and my favorite is the mango lassi. It is a perfect drink to try while having your Amritsari Kulcha.

Northern Mountains

Whenever I visit the Himalayas, I make sure that I rush to any of the Tibetan restaurants to try Momos and Thukpa. Momos are the Indian version of dumplings and Thukpa is a soupy noodle popular among Tibetan culture. Another surprising dish is the blood sausages available in the markets of Kullu.


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