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Things to do in Kasol on a Short Visit

When it comes to Kasol, there are a lot of questions that come to mind. The most common one, in my opinion, is “Is Kasol suitable for everyone?”All those stories of travelers going there to get high and stories of solo travelers in search of their way to get that “vibe”. This created a stigma among a few of the people who wanted to visit there. But we can say it is one of those places in India where all types of travelers can visit. But only one condition, this abode of nature should be enjoyed slowly. 

A view from the bridge
A view from the bridge

I visited Kasol many times and am sharing a combined experience of all those trips. The more you explore this place, the more you fall in love. 

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How to reach Kasol

From Delhi

If you plan to visit Kasol, then you can take the Delhi – Bhuntar – Kasol Route. Buses from Delhi to Manali are usually available, and on the way, before Kullu, you can get off at Bhuntar and catch a local bus to Kasol or Manikaran. There are direct buses also from Delhi to Kasol that you can try. Manali Buses are more frequent. 

Manali to Kasol Bike trip

February 2019, we were in Manali and planned a small bike trip to Kasol from there. The route was Manali -Kullu – Bhuntar – Kasol. We can easily find the route on Google Maps and we did some off-roading through some villages and apple orchards. 

We rented 2 Royal Enfield desert storms and an Avenger. Those bikes were new and it was fun riding through those mountain roads. We started at around 11 AM and reached Kasol by around 3 PM. Usually, it will take 2 hours to reach there from Manali. We took a lot of pit stops and photo breaks. It took a little more than 4 hours to complete the entire trip.

We spent some time near the river bank. Then we rode to Manikaran, which is hardly 4 km from Kasol. 


Kasol is the gateway for Kheerganga and most of the villages in Parvati Valley. This is a familiar name for most travelers and is famous for its unique culture, food, and natural beauty. There are not many activities to do in Kasol. But like I said, we need to take Kasol slowly, absorbing all the emotions that the small town can offer.

Things to do in Kasol

This mountain town is for those who want to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. If we compare the activities of hill stations like Manali, there are not many here. But if your trip is a part of the entire Parvati Valley, then even a week won’t be enough to explore and enjoy.

I will start with the near activity and around Kasol

A short walk along the river

Trip to Kasol

This may sound simple. But trust me, those long walks along the river, spending hours sitting on the bank and sipping a hot chai. These are priceless. You lose track of time, away from your busy life. Nature here is so hypnotic that it can be the best cure for your long stressful city life.

Shopping in Flea Market

Things to do in Kasol
A shop in flea market

You might be able to find some one-of-a-kind souvenirs that will serve as some of the best memories of your trip. This is the best place to shop for items to take home or to give as gifts to loved ones.

A Short Trek to Chalal

Things to do in Kasol
Route to Chalal

This is a short trek that starts right behind the town. You must cross the river on the iron bridge and then walk along the river’s bank. If you don’t want to attempt any strenuous long treks, this is the best option. There are many Cafes on the way in case you want to stop and enjoy a small meal.

And for those gourmands like me

Food in Kasol

Kasol is also called ‘Mini Israel’. Over the many years, this has been a favorite spot for Israel travelers. You can find many amazing cafes that serve Israeli cuisines, Tibetan, and many other delicacies of these places. 


A Hot Spring in Manikaran

Manikaran is famous for its hot springs and Gurudwara Complex near to it. Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib is a must-see place to visit. Langer at gurudwara serves free food to the needy every day. Manikaran is religiously significant in both Hinduism and Sikhism.

Visiting the villages in Parvati Valley

Blossoms in Kalga Village
Blossoms in Kalga Village

Parvati Valley is famous for its isolated and scenic villages. Tosh, Malana, Kalga, Pulga, Rasol, Manikaran are some of the famous names every traveler might have heard before. Kasol can be considered as the gateway to most of these villages. Each of these villages is famous in its way, Malana is famous for its unique culture and a trek to this village is another adventure that one should not miss. Kalga and Pulga villages are famous for their hospitality and idyllic environment. Tosh is another village that everyone should visit and stay in for a day or more.

Kheerganga Trek

Trek to Kheerganga
Trek to Kheerganga

The Kheerganga trek is considered easy to moderately difficult and is best suited for beginners. Kheerganga is a meadow in the lap of Parvati Valley. It is a 10 to 15 KM long trek that can be easily covered in 3 to 5 hours depending on your experience in trekking.

Kheerganga top is a small sloping meadow and a small temple on the Top. There is a small hot spring near the temple, which is considered to be sacred and also has many medicinal properties. Visitors can bathe in this hot spring and there is a separate closed bathing area for women. There are a lot of places to stay and also to eat. 


In Kasol there are not many activities. Yet this small town is the favorite of many. There are several reasons behind it. One is the emotional feeling attached to it after the first visit. Those memories of walking along the river and relaxing near it, sitting in those cafes and its vibe, and many more. This keeps us coming back again and again. Another reason is that Kasol is the gateway to Parvati Valley and is the major town before going deep into the isolated villages. Whatever our reason to visit, time simply stops here!

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