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Essential Things to Carry on Trips

There is no straight answer to this question to the essential things to carry on trips. Many things should be in your mind before collecting your stuff for packing. If your trip is all about trekking, then the things to carry will be completely different than a vacation on the beach. It again changes if you are traveling alone and with a group. If you travel for YouTube vlogs and photography, you may find your bag stuffed with expensive gadgets.

I’ve spent the last 13 years being a traveler. Survived small apartments and also stayed at many hotels. I’ve lived anywhere I could afford to. So, I know how to travel light and the most important things I need to bring. 

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Carry a reusable water bottle

Here I am going to talk about the most obvious things. The brush, toothpaste, money to travel, etc. I am sure that we all are going to take these without fail. But I would suggest you all carry a water bottle and keep you hydrated all along. I am keeping this as my first pointer as this is very important. 

Summers and winters

Heavy woolen clothes along with other winter gear are a necessary part of your backpack for the winter Himalayan adventures. A pair of trousers and t-shirts will be enough for that weekend Goa escapes from Mumbai.  So this is something you need to plan accordingly, based on your preferred destination. Nothing much today about it. But Pack only what is needed and always travel light

A little on the safer side!!

Whenever I plan my solo trips I carry my Victorinox swiss knife with me. It is perfectly legal as the size falls within the limits prescribed by laws. It’s for safety, but it also helps me make a walking staff for my short hikes. If you are traveling, make sure to carry something that keeps you safe,  be it pepper spray or a swiss Knife, we will never know when we need it. If you are carrying a camping Knife or Swiss Knife, please make sure that its size falls within the limits prescribed by laws. There are these multitools that are even handier. When comes to help when you need to tighten a screw of your tripod or something.

Don’t forget the snacking times

It is always good to carry small snacks and energy bars during trekking and camping trips. Sometimes we have to carry food for all days as most of the trekking and camping routes are completely isolated with no accessibility to hotels and restaurants.

Taking precautions 

Always carry basic medicines. That may include medicines for fever, vomiting, stomach-related issues, etc.  If your destination is a high-altitude place like Spiti or Ladakh, it is always advisable to carry medicine for high-altitude sickness. Make sure you consult a doctor before getting these medicines.

The Art of Packing

Well, the trick is packing maximum stuff in the minimum possible space. Choose a bag that suits your trips.  Small backpack for adventure trips and a compact stroller bag for those urban trips. 

Roll and pack your clothes to make more space. 

Chargers and earphones

Listening to music or watching your favorite TV series on a long boring flight or bus ride is a necessity.  Don’t forget to pack your chargers and favorite gadgets.

Travel Documents

Travel Documents like passports are the most important documents when you are traveling abroad. Without a valid ID card, you may not be able to get a room or book a flight. It is a good idea to carry documents and keep them safe.

Vaccination and Test results

Most countries and states require travelers to carry the vaccination certificate or Covid negative test report while entering the country/state. Make sure to check the travel guidelines as it varies from place to place. 

A First aid kit

 Travelling can sometimes go not as planned and when it happens, we wanted to have the first aid kit ready. It will assist you with emergencies if you require something at that time. Like band-aids, bandages, tape, sanitizer, etc.

Hygiene is most important

Keeping yourself hygiene is as important as drinking water and eating a proper meal. Carry your favorite hygiene products and keep them in compact travel cubes that are available on market these days. Bring bath essentials in case you are not staying in hotels or your hotels don’t provide them. Carry a sanitizer all the time. 

I am including a list of things to carry. This list changes with places and climate and most importantly with each individual. These are for your general reference.

For Safety

  • A good place to keep your money and cards safe: A waterproof Purse or Wallet/Money Belt
  • Documents(like Passport if you are traveling abroad) and IDs
  • A copy of all the documents on your smartphone or a photocopy
  • Other safety equipment or gadgets like pepper spray if need

Clothes and Shoes

  • Cloths that depends on the location and climate
  • Shoes that depends on the weather and tarrains
  • Coats and Jack for Winters
  • Socks
  • Scarfs for winter trips
  • Gloves for winter trips
  • Travel Towels


  • Multipurpose Plug
  • Camera for Vlogs and Pictures
  • Your Phone
  • Laptop if you want to travel and work
  • Chargers
  • Earphones


  • A Backpack for those trekking adventures and similar
  • A compact stroller bag (if you don’t like backpacks)
  • A small back for day travels so that you can keep your big bags at hotels.
  • A waterproof bag  for those rainy trips
  • Laundry and Toiletry Bags


  • Water bottle
  • Basic Medicines 
  • Money
  • Brush and Toothpaste
  • Moisturizers and other creams or gels
  • Sunscreen if you are sensitive to sunlight
  • Sanitizers
  • A first-aid kit
  • Deodorants


  • Travel Pillow
  • A small and lightweight umbrella for trips during monsoon
  • Light Makeup Kit
  • Slippers

We all have our things to carry and it varies with each individual. But there are some essential things that we need to carry during our travels. When I Plan my travels, I make sure to take these things that I mentioned and It always helps me on all my trips.

If you have not decided where to visit yet, let me make it easier for you. Please check my blog: How to choose the best trip for you?

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